We don’t retail any processed tobacco products. 

As from 2023, all products are sold purely on a wholesale basis. 

Accessing premium tobacco has never been easier, Shag Tobacco Ltd was established in 2006. We access the inventories of premium tobacco warehouse’s predomininantly in Africa. We pride ourselves in making available some of the finest tobaccos in the world.

Shag Tobacco makes the same premium cigarette tobaccos’ used by the major production companies available to smaller manufacturers and end users. Our service lets you access a large selection of African grown cigarette tobacco’s and blends.

Accessing premium tobacco has never been easier, Shag Tobacco, through its network of affiliates can rapidly ship your order from our well stocked warehouse. All of our products are packaged in industry friendly cartons, and shipped in sealed containers. Your tobacco will arrive in perfect condition for immediate use.

Shag Tobacco is a one stop shop for all your tobaccos, from green leaf through to finished premium brand and own brand cigarettes.

Shag Tobacco is directly involved in the production of tobacco, mainly in Southern Africa, but also on a world wide scale. The main types of tobaccos’ grown are Virginia, Burley and Oriental. These tobaccos’ constitute the majority of blends used int the global cigarette industry, and are produced world wide including countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, USA, Canada, China, India, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Spain, Turkey and Bulgaria.


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Whole Leaf Tobacco

At Shag Tobacco we source our leaf direct from the farmers, through contract growing schemes and through commercial auctions. This leaf is stored under ideal conditions until it is either packed for the customer, as whole leaf, or sent through a state of the art processing plant for stripping and threshing.

Threshed Tobacco

At Shag Tobacco our threshed or stripped tobacco is processed through state of the art stripping and threshing machines, from the best quality leaf sourced from some of Africa’s finest farmers. The tobacco is blened to the customers requirements, and commercially packed and ready to be shipped anywhere in the world.
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Cut Rag Tobacco

At Shag Tobacco, our cut rag is bleneded to the customers exact specifications, using tobacco’s sourced from all over Africa, as well as other quality producing regions from all over the world. The tobacco is commercailly cut and packed and shipped globally.
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At Shag Tobacco, we produce our own brand cigarettes, such as Shag, and African Spirit, amongst others. Shag Tobacco is able to develop, manufacture and pack clients own brands, and are able to source leading global brands.
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