Frequently Asked Questions


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•How many whole leaves are approximately in a Kilo?

The number of leaves in a pound varies with the tobacco leaf’s size and thickness. Pounds can range between 25-50 leaves for the thickest/largest leaves, to over one hundred leaves for smaller and thinner tobacco leaf varieties.

•Can whole leaf tobacco be categorized ?

Whilst most of our leaves are ‘leaf’ our tobacco does come from all different parts of the tobacco plant, so you’ may get a bit of everything in each kilo. In particular our blends are made from a variety of tobaccos, from different plant positions.

•Can you ship your tobacco to territories outside of the UK?

Yes, we ship globally! Whilst different countries have different rules regarding the importation of raw tobacco, most of the EU countries allow the importation of our tobaccos duty free. If at any point tobacco is seized, it is on the onus of the customer to argue the case, or pay any duties that may need to be payed.
In the case of customers from the USA and Canada, it is believed to be similar to the UK, however, if the tobacco is seized, then again it is up to the customer to  clear it with local officials. 
Customers from the USA please read the page on USA regulations HERE

•What is different about Shag tobacco from other suppliers?

We currently sell only tobacco of African origin. Flue cured tobacco is sourced from Zambia and Zimbabwe, reknown through the industry as being the finest Virginia styles in the world. Aircured tobacco is sourced from Malawi and Mozambique, also globally reknown for being the finest Burley styles around.

•How many cigarettes can be rolled out of a kilo of tobacco (approx.)?

It depends on the rolling technique. Different kinds of leaves are often used for different styles of cigarettes. One type of leaf may be used for a filler, while another for a flavour, and even another tobacco variety to increase nicotine. If this was your personal preference, you would most likely buy 3 styles of tobacco leaf, instead of one. With these variables in mind, you can roll around 1000cigarettes per kilo of tobacco.

•How do I roll my own cigarette using your product?

Because we carry whole tobacco leaves, you would need to prep the leaves before rolling your own cigarettes. Some leaves are best used for flavour, and others can be used as filler. There are different methods to process this tobacco.
Firstly if you know the blend or strengh of the cigarette you wish to producte, select the number of leaves of each styled reuired. You will then recommended you remove the woody midrib, though some people prefer not to. You will then have to cut your tobacco in to very fine strips, or ‘shred it’. It is recommended that these strips be less then 1mm wide. Once you have your ‘cutrag’ remix the styles to ensure an evan mix. Add any flavourings if that is your style. Either hand roll your cigarettes, or purchase one of our filling machines to do the job for you, using premade cigarette tubes. We will be including video tutorials on this in the future. 

•Do you sell tobacco seeds?

Not currently.

•Is your tobacco “All Natural”?

Yes, both our whole leaf and threshed tobacco is 100% all natural, grown on the worlds finest tobacco growing areas in Africa. Our leaves receive no chemical processing and are handled with care before they are shipped per order.

•Are your tobacco leaves “Certified Organic”?

No, while our whole leaf tobacco is considered all natural, it is not certified organic. In order to grow high quality tobacco leaves in most places, growing methods are required that include the use of pesticides. Fun Fact: Tobacco can be used as an organic insecticide for certain pests.

•Is all of your tobacco by the kilo cured and fermented?

Yes, all of our tobacco leaf has been cured and fermented.

•What do I do if my tobacco leaves arrive dried out?

Tobacco leaves are meant to be stored dry and reconstituted with water when ready to roll and etc.. As a courtesy we mist all of our tobacco leaves prior to shipping an order, and even go as far as vacuum packaging it in a bag to retain adequate moisture. So your leaves will generally arrive moist. If they arrive dry, just moisten the tobacco with a spray bottle, damp towel, or another method of your choice before handling them extensively. They will absorb the moisture like a sponge and be ready to work with in short time.

•Do you have wholesale pricing on your tobacco?

Yes that is what we specialize in. On each product page, look for a grid with pricing for wholesale tobacco.

•What are the duties related to tobacco?

Our tobacco has had all the relevant duties and taxes due paid on it upto arrival in the UK. Any duties and excise that may become applicable once the tobacco arrives at country of detinaition is the responsibility of the person or organisation responsible for the processing, not the responsibility of Shag Tobacco Ltd.