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We do not endorse the use of tobacco for smoking, smoking kills.


No products will be sold to people under age of 18


We don’t sell any processed tobacco products. 

As from the 1st of April 2017, unprocessed tobacco products are subject to the new UK excise controls.

Currently, both businesses and consumers need to be aware about HMRS tobacco taxes on whole leaf tobacco. As of the 1st of April 2017, HMRC launched a new excise tariff on tobacco products. This included changing the status of any unprocessed tobacco from not being liable for excise, to being classified as ‘Other Smoking Tobacco’, thus attracting excise. 

Shag Tobacco holds no responsibility to pay this excise, and it is up to the customer to declare their liabilities to HMRC.

Please note, country laws vary from country to country.


For those of you that are here strictly to save money, you’re missing out on the true meaning of Shag Tobacco and whole leaf tobacco. Being able to make your own blends and tobacco products brings a joy to the crafter that can neither be bought nor sold.

To say, “I am smoking my own blend of cigarette” or “This is a custom natural cigarette blend made specifically for my taste” is something that implies a level of gratification that reaches far beyond the traditional conception of “tobacco”.

Nicotine is bad for you and apparently it has the same poisonous effect on pests, getting scientists’ attention for a potential alternative to traditional commercial pesticides. We have used tobacco on our lawn for over 20 years, and it works great as an organic fertiliser and pesticide.

Tobacco and nicotine make one of the-hardest-to-get-rid-of vices of modern society – smoking, which can lead to lung cancer and early death.For hundreds of years now, tobacco leaves have been used on a small scale, as a natural organic pesticide, and as the growing concerns about health risk related to tobacco sales are harming tobacco farmers in some parts of the world


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Whole Leaf Tobacco

We are able to supply whole leaf tobacco, in a number of styles and varieties, and also leaf blends. All tobacco is sourced from Southern Africa, and is carefully selected to match manufacturers specifications

Threshed tobacco

As with whole leaf, we can supply a number of styles and blends that have been carefully selected and either hand stripped or machine stripped. No further processing has taken place.


Some helpful videos on how to use your tobacco, along with a gallery of all the photos and more that appear on this website